Monday, March 11, 2013

Highs & Lows

I had the opportunity to spend the last three days in Chattanooga, TN, and had a great time!  While I was there, I definitely experienced some highs and some lows...

The high points of my trip...literally...included standing at the top of Lookout Mountain!

On top of Lookout Mountain
And running up stairs...I climbed several sets of stairs that are decorative/fun features out in front of the Tennessee Aquarium and at other locations in the city, and I counted almost 500 stairs total I climbed on Friday!  This is pretty amazing to me, since I used to avoid stairs at all costs, and now I climb them for fun!

I actually did not get out of breath at all climbing these!

In times past, you would have found me sitting here watching everyone else instead of climbing the stairs myself!

Another high point of my trip was tackling the Chattanooga pedestrian bridge!  Not only did I walk across it and back, I walked over 5 miles around the city and enjoyed every minute of it!  I kept thinking over and over again how wonderful it was to feel so free and to be able to walk wherever I wanted to go!

And, as I said, there was a low point during my trip as well...I took the one mile walking tour of Ruby Falls, a cave with an underground waterfall that lies over 1,100 feet below Lookout Mountain!  It was beautiful!

It was a great long weekend that served as a wonderful reminder to me of just how far I've come on my journey.  I look forward to many more vacations filled with new adventures and activities in the days ahead!  I'm trying to get up my courage for ziplining, hot air balloon rides, and rock climbing in the near future!


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  1. Good for you...and very creative setting me up for the "low" point of your trip...Ruby Falls! Brilliant!!

    So proud of you

    1. Thanks PD! I thought it would be fun to play off of the "Highs" and "Lows" since on the same day, I stood on top of the mountain, as well as standing far below the very same mountain!