Wednesday, January 18, 2012

7 Months, 67.3 Pounds

Time for a progress update!  As of my month 7 weigh in on 1/17/12, I’ve officially lost 67.3 pounds, which means I lost a total of 6 pounds for the month (because of the date I started, I do my official monthly weigh-in’s on the 17th of each month).  This has been the lowest monthly loss I’ve had since I started this journey, and while I’m not too pleased with that number, I at least know exactly where it came from and why it wasn’t more.  Basically, From December 8, 2011 through January 4, 2012, I allowed myself extra calories for the holiday season, and during that time, I only lost 1.3 pounds.  Not stellar performance, by far, but I held my ground, and I guess that’s the point of a maintenance phase!  On January 5, 2012, I returned to eating at a loss level, and as of this morning, I’ve lost 5.1 pounds in the last 13 days.  Now, that feels more like it!

On a fun note…I spent several hours this past weekend cleaning out my closets, and although that normally seems like a chore, it was fun seeing how many things just don’t fit anymore because they’re way too big!  Admittedly, I am a “clothes-a-holic” although I will note that I’m also the queen of clearance shopping and typically don’t pay anywhere near full price for anything.  I may shop a lot, but I don’t spend a lot, so my husband doesn’t roll his eyes at me too much when I come home with something new. 

It’s interesting, the emotional connection we can develop to certain clothing items.  As I pulled each garment out of my closet, I thought of times I had worn each one…the dress I left the church in after our reception when my husband and I got married…the jacket I wore when I sang with our church worship team and we did a live video recording for our TV broadcast…the outfit I put together for a job interview…a beautiful sequined black dress I wore to a Christmas party…the list goes on and on (I have a big closet!) Anyway, while I did keep my wedding dress and my get-away dress for sentimental reasons, there was something incredibly refreshing about pulling out all those other things.  This is a new season in my life, and while I have wonderful memories of the past, I’m ready to embrace the future…while wearing a much smaller size!

Now, I just need to find a way to sell what I don’t need any more.  I’ve given away about half of what I had, and am hopeful to sell the other half to generate some funds for new purchases as I lose and continue to need smaller sizes.  I’ve got a lot…like 10-12 large plastic totes full.  I’d love to sell them all in one lot, since it’s a complete year-round wardrobe, and don’t really want to hassle with a consignment shop or yard sale.  Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any suggestions!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Pound at at TIme

Just a quick post to say how excited I was when I stepped onto the scale this morning!  After spending the last two weeks in "maintenance mode" and allowing myself a few extra calories per day over the holidays, I re-set my daily intake back to my loss level on Tuesday.  In the last two days since then, I've lost 1.1 pounds.  What makes that feel even better, is that loss is off of my pre-holiday weight.  I didn't gain anything over the holidays, so I'm not having to make up any lost ground.  Yippeee!!  63.7 pounds in total now and I'm ready to hit it hard in this new year!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Pit of Comparison

Last night I sat down to watch the premiere of the new run of "The Biggest Loser" on TV.  Of all the many years this particular show has been on, I've only watched one or two seasons of it.  With as busy as my schedule tends to be, I just don't have the ability to watch any show on a regular basis, but that's not the only reason.  If I'm truthful with myself, another reason I haven't watched it in the past is because I had a hard time watching other people do what I longed to do myself, but had not done, which was lose weight. 

When I decided to watch the show yesterday, I approached it from a different perspective.  I thought that maybe I could learn a few things about various approaches to working out and pick up some pointers.  Or maybe I would feel encouraged, because I am working my own path to fitness, and maybe some contestant's story would ring similar to my own.  Instead, however, I experienced something I was not prepared each of the contestants weighed in, I started comparing myself to each of them.  What was their starting weight?  What was my starting weight compared to theirs?  Was I really as big when I started as they look on TV at their starting point?  On and on it went, and by the end of the show, I was starting to feel depressed and felt like I had not accomplished much, if anything, in the last six months because they had lost so much in just one week (never mind the fact that they are secluded away with their only responsibilities being to work out and learn to eat right, alongside of professional trainers and unrestricted gym access!!!)

Wow!  What a mind trap that is brought on when you start comparing yourself to others!  I had to stop and re-focus myself before I let my thoughts take me too far.  When it comes to weight loss (and many, many other things in life, for that matter), you just cannot compare your progress with anyone else.  Each person's journey is as different and unique as each different body.  The foods and food habits I struggle with and am learning to overcome are different from other people's.  In addition, I had to reach a certain place in my own life before I was ready to committ to the changes that are necessary to bring my body into a healthy place, and each person has to do that themselves, in their own way.  No one can force it on anyone else, just like no one can expect their body to react the exact same way as anyone else's. 

Going forward, I refuse to make comparisons any more.  I will cheer for the accomplishments of others, and will not let their victories steal away my own!