Wednesday, January 18, 2012

7 Months, 67.3 Pounds

Time for a progress update!  As of my month 7 weigh in on 1/17/12, I’ve officially lost 67.3 pounds, which means I lost a total of 6 pounds for the month (because of the date I started, I do my official monthly weigh-in’s on the 17th of each month).  This has been the lowest monthly loss I’ve had since I started this journey, and while I’m not too pleased with that number, I at least know exactly where it came from and why it wasn’t more.  Basically, From December 8, 2011 through January 4, 2012, I allowed myself extra calories for the holiday season, and during that time, I only lost 1.3 pounds.  Not stellar performance, by far, but I held my ground, and I guess that’s the point of a maintenance phase!  On January 5, 2012, I returned to eating at a loss level, and as of this morning, I’ve lost 5.1 pounds in the last 13 days.  Now, that feels more like it!

On a fun note…I spent several hours this past weekend cleaning out my closets, and although that normally seems like a chore, it was fun seeing how many things just don’t fit anymore because they’re way too big!  Admittedly, I am a “clothes-a-holic” although I will note that I’m also the queen of clearance shopping and typically don’t pay anywhere near full price for anything.  I may shop a lot, but I don’t spend a lot, so my husband doesn’t roll his eyes at me too much when I come home with something new. 

It’s interesting, the emotional connection we can develop to certain clothing items.  As I pulled each garment out of my closet, I thought of times I had worn each one…the dress I left the church in after our reception when my husband and I got married…the jacket I wore when I sang with our church worship team and we did a live video recording for our TV broadcast…the outfit I put together for a job interview…a beautiful sequined black dress I wore to a Christmas party…the list goes on and on (I have a big closet!) Anyway, while I did keep my wedding dress and my get-away dress for sentimental reasons, there was something incredibly refreshing about pulling out all those other things.  This is a new season in my life, and while I have wonderful memories of the past, I’m ready to embrace the future…while wearing a much smaller size!

Now, I just need to find a way to sell what I don’t need any more.  I’ve given away about half of what I had, and am hopeful to sell the other half to generate some funds for new purchases as I lose and continue to need smaller sizes.  I’ve got a lot…like 10-12 large plastic totes full.  I’d love to sell them all in one lot, since it’s a complete year-round wardrobe, and don’t really want to hassle with a consignment shop or yard sale.  Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any suggestions!

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